Tampering happens.

All luggage is vulnerable to tampering.
Your bag likely features zips or locks. Zips with moving zip sliders can be easily breached and resealed with something as simple as a pen. Most locks, including TSA approved locks, can be opened with a simple paper clip. Without tamper evident seals, you cannot tell whether your bag has been affected. As of September 2015, TSA Locks have been compromised by the release of 3D printer files that allow anyone to print master keys.

Source: Business Insider & GitHub

Your bag.
Your problem.

Theft can spoil your trip, but smuggling could ruin your life.
All travellers are subject to the laws of the countries they visit. When clearing customs, if the luggage is in your possession, most legal systems assume you are the owner of the contents unless you can can prove otherwise. If smuggling has occurred, without tamper evidence like Securoseal, you could find yourself in serious trouble. It can result in arrest and imprisonment

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Every Bag.
Everyone’s Problem.

Lax security makes smuggling guns, bullets and explosives possible. Need examples? In Europe, a customs officer inserted plastic explosives into a passenger’s bag. In USA, a baggage handler smuggled firearms on commercial flights. In the Philippines, airport staff inserted bullets into luggage for extortion. In Egypt, a concealed bomb caused a fatal crash. Security starts with you - unprotected baggage is a liability no one can afford.

Source: PTV

TSA Accepted.

For use in ‘Lock Free’ zones.
Only a small percentage of checked-in bags are hand searched by authorities, most are machine scanned. The TSA estimates for every agent that touches a bag, up to ten other people handle the same bag without passenger supervision placing unprotected luggage at risk. Securoseal allows authorities to search if necessary, but unlike a lock you will know if anyone has accessed your luggage – legally or otherwise. Using Securoseal protects you against undetected tampering.

Note: TSA makes no claims, warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, as to the goods of any commercial entity, including Securoseal.

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