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Retail, Freight and Transport Industry Opportunities

Are you in the business of retail sales, or handling / transporting / storing luggage, personal effects or small freight items?  If so, Securoseal is able to offer you a solution that will enhance your business and your bottom line, by providing peace of mind to your customers and a branding opportunity for you. You can show that you take their security and the security of their possessions seriously and at the same time limit your own potential financial and legal claims.


Securoseal is suitable for airlines, airport corporations, hotel groups, cruise operators, tour specialists, travel retailers, travel insurance entities, casino operators, logistics and freight providers and more.  We can work with you to maximize the benefits for your business, wherever you are in the world. 


Our products are designed to meet your needs:


To safeguard your business by safeguarding your client’s personal effects during the handling, transportation and storage process, in a manner that protects and enhances your business and reputation.


Your business processes first:


Our products are designed to fit into your existing business systems, offering you a simple ‘add on’ solution that is easily implemented.


Your business benefits from:


  • A world first luggage safety standard;
  • Enhanced brand reputation;
  • A unique evidentiary device that objectively records the condition of the contents of luggage and freight upon receipt;
  • Enhanced tracking options to suit your existing and future tracking systems (including barcode and RFID technology options);
  • A powerful tool to manage and reduce liability claims related to tampering;
  • Cost effective protection;
  • A new possibility for revenue generation.


Imagine This Scenario:


  • Your staff member applies the Securoseal strap in front of the customer...before the luggage leaves their sight.
  • A unique, barcoded receipt is affixed to your existing documents and handed to your customer. Your customer now has confidence that they will be able to verify that the contents of their luggage are secure.
  • Your customer arrives at their destination. The customer checks the intact seals and feels certain that their luggage is secure. They are thankful for a service that has taken every measure to protect their personal security and your brand benefits from the resulting goodwill.


Securoseal is more than luggage protection. It is a business building opportunity.


Contact us  today to discuss these options and much more.